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In March 2016, cancer attacked me for the first time.

I was diagnosed with inoperable, stage four throat cancer and underwent intensive courses of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy which left me extremely weak and vulnerable to infection.

As a result, I contracted double pneumonia and sepsis and was rushed into intensive care where my family was told that, unless I began responding to treatment, I had approximately two hours left to live.

Thankfully, I pulled through and set off upon the long road to recovery. It was the hardest thing I've ever faced but - eventually, in the summer of 2017 - I was declared cancer free.

For a few months, at least.
In January 2018, a routine scan found the cancer had returned - and had now spread to my lungs.


Tommy V Cancer: Round Two continues the story of my fight to survive the 'Big C', salvage what remained of my career, and support my terrified family through yet another battle of life and death.
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