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In astrology, the zodiac is a synonym for the orientation of the universe,which also represents 12 basic types of character. One's constellation implies her innate character and talent, as well as the way of her behavior.


This is a mechanical watch which has special power. It is normal for a mechanical watch to have 45 seconds gap a day.

1. When you are first to wear it, the watch must be wound by hand and wave your hand a few times, then the watch will work fine.

2. After fully wound, a common mechanical watch can run for 40 hours; a high-end watch can run for 3-4 days.

3. Theoretically, how long a watch can run when fully wound will vary slightly due to different caliber design, but, generally, power originating from daily wearing is not enough to keep a watch fully wound.

4. If you can wear your watch for 8-10 hours with efficient arm movement in one day, then it will keep proper time in the next day.

5. If you do not wear your watch all day or your arm movement is insufficient, then it might stop running in the next day. Here, "insufficient" indicates that your arm wearing your watch keeps still or just moves slightly, which might not have your watch wound.

Water Resistence:

30 meters : waterproof level is only for water spray or drizzle without pressure.
50 meters: water level is available for swimming and general housework.

100 meters: water level is available for swimming and diving.


Any watches are not worn in warm water or bathroom, including the waterproof watch. Watch seal volume is rubber which is easy heat to aging. Water vapor molecules is relatively small, it is easy to penetrate the case, resulting in internal mechanical damage★ This Sweet Pink Watch is for Virgo Constellation, Date Range (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)
★ For Virgo, this year is a year of rapid development, and in all areas of the Virgo's life in this year, Virgo will use her knowledge and wisdom to solve all difficult difficulties. From the signs of Uranus, Virgo will feel a feeling of injury for a while, but on the whole this year will be a happy year for Virgo
★ 12 Constellation Automatic Self-Wind Mechanical Watch. Multi-color and Star Figures for 12 Constellations
★ 30M Water Resistance, Love Shaped Luminous Watch Hands; QUALITY GUARANTEE:Replacement within 30 Days, 1 Year Warranty
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