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This 218-page course is an easy and friendly approach to setting up your own commercial dog grooming business. It features 12 modules that take you, step by step, through all the necessary considerations, including guidance on market research, creating a business plan, sorting out your accounts and Cash Flow, customer attraction and retention strategies, project planning, the Internet and Social Media. "Don't be intimidated by the word 'business' because FINALLY we've got a business manual that commercial pet groomers will find easy to read, understand and apply in the real world." - Colin Taylor ICMG, International dog grooming champion and competition judge, award-winning author, Founder of Master Groom The lessons here are relevant to groomers and non-groomers, anywhere in the world. Foreword by award-winning dog grooming champion, Angela Caley, International Certified Master Groomer. Written by Kristian Maris, the owner of a dog grooming business and Amazon UK No.1 best-selling author.The Dog Grooming Business Course
How to set up and run your own dog grooming business: at home, mobile, salon.
Ideal for groomers or non-groomers thinking of starting their own business
The how-to-guide to get started in a dog grooming business
Relevant worldwide no matter what level of experience you have
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