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Mountain Wristwatches. Mountain Wristwatches. Electronic & Orienteering Devices. Multi-activity watcThe daily workout and competition companion for over 80 sports such as trail running, outdoor and ski tours, running and multi-sports; Ideal for high performance athletes updated software available for download
Tracking plus route navigation with waypoints and breadcrumb navigation in real time, measuring of: Calories and steps, sleep tracer, race and interval mode, training plans, rest and recovery time
Quick GPS/GLONASS tracking, barometric altimeter, Bluetooth (as of 4.0), compass, coordinate systems, colour touch screen with 3 action buttons, precise walking pace thanks to fused speed
Strong through the community: Sharing on Instagram, Runtastic and Facebook, comparison between best performances with peer group in Suunto Movescount-App, movement photos with current speed displayed and for creation of Suunto Movie
Contents: 1 x sport watch for multi-sport athletes, SS0022661000, USB charging cable, up to 26 hours battery performance, bracelet length 24.5 cm, battery size: 2026
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