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Keep your house and home sparkling clean with this fantastic 1300W steam mop from Easy Steam. The steam mop will power through tough household grime and dirt to leave floors, surfaces, walls, upholsteries, windows and more, clean and fresh. There is no need for expensive and harsh chemicals, the mop combines the sterilising power of steam with the absorbency of microfibre pads. A steam flow control function means you can select the amount of steam produced, to ensure protection and a perfect clean on whatever material it is used on. With a 300ml capacity water tank that gives you up to 20 minutes' steam time between re-fills, it means less time fussing with filling up and more time cleaning. With an ergonomically designed handle to reduce hand and wrist stress the triangular head will get into tight spaces, under the furniture and corners, manoeuvring the steam mop is easy, making it the perfect addition to your household. The mop comes complete with two microfiber cloths and can easily be taken apart for storage. Specifications: Measures: L24.2 x W22 x H111.4 Net weight: 1.7kg Power cord length: 476cm Capacity: 300ml D6430 Easy Steam Steam Mop White/Green
D7149 Easy Steam Steam Mop White/Blue
D6431 Spare Pads - 3 packPowerful; 1300W steam mop, reaches temperature between 90-100 degrees Celsius
No detergents; The Easy Steam steam mop doesn't need harmful detergents; the steam does all the hard work
Versatile; Can be used to steam clean floors, carpets and multiple different surfaces throughout the home
On demand control; Steam comes only when you need it, preserving energy and water
Guarantee; 12-month guarantee
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