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Are you exhausted and overwhelmed with wondering exactly HOW to get started as a profitable Travel Influencer, connect with global brands, and monetize your influence?

Then keep reading…

Society tends to have this narrative created for us.
You know the story:
Go to college.
Land a high-paying job.
Travel during your two or three weeks of a vacation a year.
And look forward to weekends and the day you retire.

Now with social media, you see these fantastic photos and people just like you, traveling the world, taking beautiful pictures, collaborating with brands, AND getting paid for it.

The game is changing.

In the book, "So You Want To Be A Travel Influencer?: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Travel Influencer of Color", author Rachel Hill shares how she was able to leave a lucrative and promising career to becoming a Travel Influencer and getting paid to travel the world.

In this book, Rachel shares insights on how to get started as a profitable Travel Influencer including:
- How To Identify Your Target Market
- Creating, Building, and Nurturing Your Audience on Social Media
- How To Effectively Pitch Brands For Partnerships and Collaborations
- What It Takes To Monetize Your Influence
- Hacks And Strategies

If you have no idea where to start or are just beginning as a Travel Influencer, Hill guides you step-by-step through the core principles and strategies it takes to build a solid brand online.

From creating valuable and engaging content to creating a website that is a 24/7 sales machine, understanding your analytics, how to differentiate yourself in the industry, and how to monetize your influence - all while having the opportunity to travel the world.
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