Dreaming big seems like a sin when it comes to small bedroom design. It feels like a cave rather than a cozy refuge.

No natural light, no storage space leads to a cramped and uncomfortable feeling. Especially in Singapore where flat sizes are shrinking smaller and smaller and the bedrooms are getting even tinier.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish bedroom that looks bigger. There are homes, and it’s hard to believe that they’re actually achievable in space-starved HDBs of Singapore.

Especially the bedroom that looks much bigger and stylish. With the right techniques, even the smallest bedrooms can be much more functional and look bigger.

If you know things like where you need to place the wardrobe and where the bed will be, you can make most of the space.

Here are some mind-blowing hacks to turn a small bedroom into a functional haven without sacrificing the style.
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Emphasize the whites

Is your little bedroom cramping your style? The simplest can\'t-fail insider trick to make it look large is to emphasize the white.

Splash of white can do wonder as it has superb reflective qualities. Using white as a basic shade can make even the smallest spaces seem spacious.

That doesn’t mean you need to take the white as a running color scheme for your bedroom design. Go for bright furniture, floor materials, and accessories to make it look vibrant.

But let the white to be the basic backdrop to let this trick truly work.
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Choosing the right paint color can instantly emphasize the cozy feel of your bedroom. White, cream and light gray are the traditional neutrals that can evoke a clean and streamlined look.

Making the room brighter, these light shades also let the room appear expansive.

Create visual openness overhead by painting the ceiling white, and you will end up with an inviting space for your good night sleep in no time.
Mirror it

A clever technique used by the home designer to enhance a small bedroom is the use of mirrors.

There are numerous ways to create the illusion of a big space through mirrors. You can clad your entire feature wall of your bedroom in floor-to-ceiling mirror leafs.

You will be wondered to see the doubling effect it will confer to your small room. There is no hard and fast rule; you can place medium to large mirror just about anywhere.
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Be it above the headboard or your floating dresser, the mirror will give you a smart way to expand your room visually.

You might try it on a wall that faces the twin beds, or as a part of a mirrored closet door.

Multiple mirrors on a wall in the place of art or gallery of mirrors in different shapes and sizes can make the room feel immensely larger and brighter.
Decorating with lights

When you live in a small square footage of a two bedroom city apartment, it is advised to avoid the visual clutter. Here is where the lighting fixtures come to play.

Whether your bedroom has a moody or a crisp pale shade, incorrect lighting can make it feel dark and claustrophobic.




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Smart lighting fixtures and false-ceiling solutions are there which play up the drama of small spaces. This way you will add an upscale vibe to small-style interior designs of your bedroom

Create accent by tracking light and use floor lamps to create dramatic flair with recessed lighting.

Add decorative hanging items

Having a small bedroom comes with a nuisance of limited surface areas. So, this is where you have to think out of the box for bedroom decorating ideas.

Go creative with that often overlooked element, the ceiling.

Hanging the decorative elements overhead draws the eyes up while freeing up space below. This is the trick to create an illusion effect of greater volume inside your small room.
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Use the ceiling to hang pendant light instead of bedside table lamps to create a vertical line upward and open the space below. It will make the room feel a bit lighter, uncluttered and even more styled.

From simple glass orbs to delicate crystals, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to pendant lights.

You can opt for these lighting whimsies to turn an ordinary bedroom design into an extraordinary haven.

Casting a radiant jewel-box glow in your small bedroom, the hanging lights will give an impression of a large room.
Feature the bed wall

Proclaiming your bed wall as the star of your small bedroom will draw attention to the design feature instead of diminutive size.
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There are countless ways to go creative with a bed wall. For economical options, go for a mural, a featured paint color or wallpaper. A gallery wall above the bed can inject a personalized touch to your bedroom design.
Incorporate flexible furniture

In a small bedroom, a bed typically takes up much of the floor space. Incorporating flexible furniture that folds up to the wall can bless you with more space without occupying your entire bedroom.

A foldout desk that doubles as a makeup table or a wall-mounted pullout shoe organizer can free up your space.
Go bold

When you have a small space, the shark trick is to take the focus off the size of the room. Highlighting something eye-catching will do the trick for you.

Making a bold choice for the bedroom design is the way to go when you need to grab the eyeballs. Be it a distinct paint color or a special furniture item, going bold will make you earn some style points.

Need a cost-effective bold statement for your cozy bedroom? Use your throw pillows as the showstopper of the room.

A distinctive array of patterns and textures can steal the show in an all-white room. For the dark wall and bedding, vibrant pillows or metallic shades makes a dramatic palette.
Bring the outdoors in

Bringing the outdoors in is a fabulous way to add some life to your space. Having potted indoor trees can make a stuffy room feel fresh.

Opt for something vertical like a fig tree to bring the eye up. If your bedroom has access to outdoor space, you are lucky!

Drapery panels and window treatments will keep your room connected to the outdoors.
Add more storage space

Cramped bedroom can feel claustrophobic with the lack of storage space. But little strategic and clever storage tricks can transform a snug bedroom into a restful retreat.

Is your bedroom tight on space? No problem, here are some storage hacks for your bedroom.

Small bedroom storage hacks and solutions

Get the leg up for your storage

Seeking out for more storage in a small bedroom is obvious to stash in your extra items. Those wimpy side table that is barely large enough to hold a stack of the book is not a great option.

Substantial pieces of drawers will add needed storage with plenty of room for a reading lamp. But beware, a chest that sits right on the floor will make your room appear even smaller.

So, looking for tables or dressers with legs is the smart way to expand the space visually. Same goes for a table with an open shelf which gives the piece a floating feel.

This trick will take your eye to the back wall instead of impeding your gaze at the front of the table.
Put the walls to work

Walls are a great way to incorporate storage when you don’t have enough space to store.

For organizing your books and magazines and other night-time essentials, encase the headboard with built-in shelves and cabinets.

Wall-mounted lights will eliminate the need for nightstands. Freeing up the floor space, it will make the small bedroom feel larger and more serene.
Bespoke built-ins

When built into the wall, a full-size armoire takes up less floor space in small bedroom design. Having shelves and stack of drawers behind mirrored doors will ensure your clothes are unwrinkled.
A closet system

A customized closet system is a great trick to store more stuff in the same amount of space. It helps to stash all the clothing and accessories without creating clutter in your own bedroom or guest room.

You can even make use of the awkward spaces like near the ceiling and in the corners of the closet. Transform them into useful storage, and your clothes will thank you.
Let the drawers do more

Incorporate drawer dividers into your custom closet design for creating additional storage sections. Various organizers made of plastic, wood or metal will also do the trick for you.
Headboard with storage

When you have a large bed, look at it as a storage opportunity. You can choose a headboard with the storage facility to store your books, magazines, mementos for your space-saving.
Stick it under the bed

Storage beds are one of the most prominent and best storage tricks for the small bedrooms. This space-saving bed can give you space for storing clothes, files or your movie collection.
 5 Small yet stylish HDB bedrooms in Singapore you must see

Here are some small bedroom interior design Singapore that will blow your mind.
The Floating Bed

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This astonishing 3 Room Flat (67 sqm) in Sengkang is engineered to enhance the size of the room visually.

The strategic edges concealed with LED lights create an illusion of a larger space. However, the lights under the bed frame create a surprising ‘floating’ bed effect.

Reflected upon the white floor and walls, the lights enhance the gradual lightness. Concealed sliding door wardrobe and wooden dresser are the appreciable approaches for storage in this stunning bedroom.
Concaved Masterpiece Bedroom Design

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Who can deny having a cozy night’s sleep in this beautifully concaved master bedroom? Being a part of a 4 Room HDB flat (92 Sqm) in Sengkang, the bedroom design has a rich color scheme palette of teal and gold.

The enclosed bed area distinctively split each component of the bedroom while ensuring a cleaner and neater feel. It is truly a one-of-a-kind design in Singapore that is rare and beautiful to stare at.

A full walk-in wardrobe is suitably built right beside the bed enclave with a window. Letting the natural light to shine through, it makes the room airier and less claustrophobic.
Split-up Wardrobe

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We know it is hard to resist fixing the gaze with this split wardrobe bedroom. A little snug walk-in wardrobe is created in this small room which is a part of 5 Room HDB Flat (112 Sqm) in Yishun.

The wardrobe is carved in the split wall without having to hack down the walls of the room. Similar wooden panels on the wall side are teaming up well with the wood flooring.
Elegant patterns of symmetry

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You should take a cue from this small bedroom design of 5 Room HDB Flat (124 Sqm) in Jurong. It shows how simple lines on the wall can create elegant patterns of symmetry.

Even though the room is small, the long lines are making the room appear more lengthy and wide due to the wall lines.

You can’t ignore the built-in LED light in the ceiling fan that exhibits a more compact use of top space. The built-in intimate dresser table and the large mirror is giving an illusion of more depth of space.
Glass walk-in wardrobe

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A huge walk-in wardrobe is a smart option for this small bedroom of 4 Room Flat (92 Sqm) in Sengkang.

Built with black framed glass doors, the wardrobe can be closed to keep the bed area cooler when the air-conditioning is turned off.

The bedroom design also creates a chimera of ample space and the wardrobe design eliminates the need to hack down the walls.
Final Words

A bedroom is a haven from life\'s chaos and a space to relax and unwind. But the diminutive size of the bedroom can be off-putting with the lack of space.

Incorporate these interior design ideas to make the most out of even the tiniest bedroom.

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