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Eat Less - Slim Sip has only 8 calories per serving and when mixed with water it gently expands in your stomach to help promote the feeling of fullness. Slim Sip contains more Glucomannan than other products - Each sachet contains 1g of the highest purified grade of Glucomannan. (1g per serving supports both weight loss and cholesterol claim). Digestive Support & Cholesterol maintenance - Glucomannan is a Natural Soluble Fibre which aids digestions and helps trap fats and oils (Calories) from entering your blood stream. Clinically Proven to help you Lose Weight * - Glucomannan is backed by 20+ Years of Clinical Studies. EFSA Approved - The only product in its category supported by two European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims for both Weight Loss & Cholesterol Management. **

The length of time to take Slim Sip will depend upon your individual needs and weight loss goals. Recommended Use: The results of the clinical trials showed that best results were achieved when taking 3 sachets per day. - 1 sachet mixed with 250ml of water to be taken approximately 30 minutes before each main meal. 1 box contains 30 x 5g Sachets = 10 Days' Supply. As with all food supplements, please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any medication or have an existing medical condition.

* With a total daily intake of 3g of Glucomannan & when used in the context of an energy restricted diet.
** Beneficial effect with daily intake of 4g Glucomannan.Orange Flavour Slim Sip: less than 8 Calories per Serving - 3 Boxes (90 Convenient sachets/servings) - 30 Day Supply.
Slim Sip' s special formulation contains Glucomannan which is scientifically proven* to help you Lose Weight as part of a healthy eating plan. When you drink Slim Sip its active ingredient gently expands to part fill your stomach giving you that feeling of fullness which helps you eat less, lose weight and feel satisfied!
Slim Sip also helps maintan Healthy Cholesterol Levels when 4 sachets a day are taken.
Includes BONUS Healthy Eating Plan Booklet.
Slim Sip contains the highest quality specification of natural Glucomannan which contributes to weight reduction and the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol when taken in accordance to the directions on pack. Slim Sip is a patented delicious effervescent weight loss drink. Also available in Blackcurrant and Strawberry flavours.
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