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Have you ever wanted something that seemed impossible? Ever seen a goal that seemed unrealistic, or far out of your reach?This book tells you how to reach that goal.Amal is a dreamer. More importantly, she’s a dreamer with a track record of making her dreams a reality. As a happily married mother of four, a nationally recognized award-winning public servant, and a Doctoral candidate, she’s had to learn a lot about getting things done. She’s also learned how to enjoy the rewards of her hard work, even when it seems that her to-do list never ends.There have been times when reaching all of these goals together seemed impossible - so impossible, she almost gave up. But that’s when Amal reaches for her secrets to success. And now, she’s sharing them with you.From intensely practical tips about time management and self-care to profound spiritual lessons from a decade of marriage, motherhood, and public service, this book lets you into the mind and daily life of someone who has it all - family, career, and serenity in the storm of life.This is the book Amal wishes she had read ten years ago.Whether you’re a parent, a newlywed, an overwhelmed professional, or a student just starting out on life’s journey - this book is for you.The writer hopes it will bring you clarity and self-love, no matter what path you choose to walk.
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