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Tired of your Dog leaving brown patches on your grass ? Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair has the answer with its specially selected, high quality mix of grass seed, coir and gypsum. Your grass will be back to it's best in no time. Special saline tolerant grass seed will neutralise and repair urine burns in your lawn and can also repair areas with high traffic and damage from digging. Contains a mixture of dwarf perennial rye grass and fine fescues. Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair is kid and pet friendly when used as directed.
Grass seed, coir and gypsumRepairs urine burns in your lawnFixes problem dog spotsGypsum minimises the effects of salts from dog urineEasy-to-use, one step solution for lawns damaged by dogs and other animals
Repairs bare patches on the lawn quickly and easily
Produces strong grass seedling establishment and growth
Based on the technology of the UK's award winning, number one grass seed, Miracle-Gro Patch Magic
Enhanced grass seed mix of high performance varieties
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