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Customise this blaster to defeat the competition! The Nerf 'N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper' comes with an attachable stock and barrel extension to modify it for battle-ready action. Attach the stock to help stabilise shots. Add the barrel extension for distance targeting. The 'Delta Trooper' blaster comes with a 12 dart clip and 12 elite darts, so battlers can unleash a dozen darts in a row before it's time to reload. Load the clip into the blaster, move the slide backward then forward to prime it and pull the trigger to fire a dart up to 90 feet (27 metres). Want to slam-fire all 12 darts rapidly? Hold down the trigger and keep pumping the slide backward and forward to overwhelm opponents!Customise for battle-ready action
Includes an attachable stock and barrel extension to modify the blaster
Comes with 12 elite darts and a 12-dart clip
Fires up to 90 feet (27 metres)
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