Mondi | Women's Italian Metallic Pumps | Silver & Black | Size: 6B | Pre-Owned Pointed toe slingback ankle strap shoes. Size: 6B Made in Italy These are interesting shoes. The silver/metallic mesh could possibly be stainless steel. Not sure. Don't hold me to that. Excellent used condition save for the bottom of the heels. The heel tips are solid, but they don't seem to line up (see photos). I look at these at the two things that pop into my head are S&M and The Terminator. Don't ask. As always, free shipping and returns. Thanks for stopping by SKU: BT10180037705 Keywords: steel, mesh, pointy toe, heel, sexy, stylish, lightweight, vintage (?), Tuscany, Milan, leather, stainless, Italiano, fashion, fashionable, international, European,
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