EnerCell - Marketing Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Positioning Yourself as the Expert in Your Niche: Volume 1 http://ener-cell.com/News/marketing-mindset-the-ultimate-guide-to-positioning-yourself-as-the-expert-in-your-niche-volume-1-1/ http://azon.blogs4all.co.uk/marketing-mindset-the-ultimate-guide-to-positioning-yourself-as-the-expert-in-your-niche-volume-1/ buy now £5.31 With 35 years of strategic business building and turnaround experience, Mark Klipsch, CEO of M. E. Klipsch & Associates and MEKA Multicast Marketing, is just the person to "spill the beans" on the best ways to build a business. Using his expertise, plus knowledge gained from his three greatest mentors, Dan Kennedy, Mike Koenigs and Frank Kern, Klipsch, in Marketing Mindset, provides Read Morepowerful, useful and actionable information that all business owners can utilize - whether you've been in business for years or are just starting out. In this book, you'll discover the formulaic principles he's applied to the startup or turnaround of over twenty businesses in varied industries such as transportation, financial services and package engineering. In Marketing Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Positioning Yourself and the Expert in Your Niche you'll find the keys to: Understanding "who" your ideal customer is and is not Developing a powerful message that speaks directly to your ideal customer Identifying media channels that reach your ideal clients most effectively Building an influential platform that establishes You as the Expert in your field Implementing a repeatable strategy that has your prospects begging you to take them on as clients Regardless of your business experience, this book will help you to create the mindset you need to springboard past your competitors and finally create the business of your dreams! Want to learn more? See all the bonuses listed in the book at www.marketingmindsetbook.com and check back because additional content will be added each month! Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en