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The frameless universal car mount in CD slot for Apple iPhone, smartphones, cell phones / GPS / PDA / MP3 Players and other devices.

- 360° rotary mount holder which is supported by the ball joint design. This allows landscape or portrait angle view.

- When it is mounted you can rotate your device clockwise and anticlockwise. Push it up and down, left and right, and any other angle in between thanks to the ball joint design behind your phone.

- Holder mount fit in most CD slots.
Include 2 magnetic plate. Metal sheet (disc) you can put on the phone back under phone case or on the back of case.

- Rotary mount comprises a pedestal with a high quality plastic and silicone layers - this will keep the phone safe from scratching or damage.

- Simple and fashionable design.

Please make sure the phone / GPS / or PDA is secure and double-checked before any activity.

* Accessories only, no phone included. This is high quality product distributed only by Accessory Department. Accessory Department is the owner of all intellectual property rights in this listing and in the material published on it. Lilware (TM) is trademark of Accessory Department. It is protected by corresponding copyright laws and treaties. All rights are reserved.Auto phone mount without frame can be used for most smartphones and various devices.
Lightweight, durable and portable. Perfectly fit in most CD slot.
Metal sheet you can stick under phone case under phone shell - it will be invisible or on the back of case.
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