EnerCell - LEGO UK 75167 "Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack Construction Toy http://ener-cell.com/News/lego-uk-75167-quotbounty-hunter-speeder-bike-battle-pack-construction-toy-1/ https://www.lego.shopping4all.uk/lego-uk-75167-bounty-hunter-speeder-bike-battle-pack-construction-toy/ buy now £14.40 Get Dengar, Bossk, IG-88 and 4-LOM on the move with their own custom Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike. With striking blue elements, 2 stud shooters and space on the back for a backpack, this speeder bike battle pack will send your LEGO Star Wars adventures into overdrive!Includes three minifigures: Dengar, Bossk and 4-LOM, plus an IG-88 figure Features space to sit a minifigure, two stud shooters, blue elements and a backpack Read MoreBlast your way through any defence with the stud shooters Weapons include four stud blasters and IG-88's blaster rifle Add some speed to your LEGO Star Wars collection Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en