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Walk home from school through the NINJAGO city food market with Lloyd Garmadon and Nya. But watch out - Shark Army Thug is trying to steal money from Ham, the street food stall vendor. Call the police on Nya s phone and switch into ninja mode to stop Shark Army Thug. Jump off the top of the stall and give chase. Help officer toque catch up with the robber in the tuc-tuc and cuff that criminal.Includes five minifigures: Lloyd Garmadon and Nya (each with new-for-August-2017 high school outfit decoration), officer toque, shark army thug and ham
Police tuc-tuc vehicle features a driver seat and rear passenger seat for minifigures, three wheels and translucent-blue and red police light-style elements
Street food stall features a stall sign, red awning, fish and cherries for-sale signs, two crates and a half-barrel containing assorted elements including three cherries, three apples and two fish
Also includes two lampposts with translucent decorative elements and translucent-red light-style elements, plus a connecting chain of festive ninjago lanterns with translucent-red light-style elements
Weapons include Shark Army Thug's fish hammer with a fish handle
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