EnerCell - Kensington K64490WW MP13 Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro http://ener-cell.com/News/kensington-k64490ww-mp13-magnetic-privacy-screen-for-macbook-pro/ http://www.apple1.shopping4all.uk/amazon/kensington-k64490ww-mp13-magnetic-privacy-screen-for-macbook-pro buy now ₤5407 Kensington K64490 WW - MP13Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro - Notebook privacy filter - 13" - glossy, matte - for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3"(Late2016, Mid 2017)Integrates flawlessly with your MacBook's screen by connecting to the magnets which currently constructed in to the MacBook's structure Limits watching angle to +/- 30 °, concealing individual or secret information from any person attempting to look from the side Reduces dangerous blue Read Morelight by as much as 22% Low reflective layer minimizes glow as well as enhances clearness Reversible with matte as well as shiny watching choices. Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en