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GT2-synchronous belts and pulleys compatible (GT2 pulley) traps are popular choices for RepRaps and repetitions.
The GT2 series of belts are specially developed for linear motion. Use a rounded tooth profile which guarantees that the belt tooth adds seamlessly and accurately in the Groove of the disc, so that, when the pulley to reverse direction, there's no room for the band to get into the Groove.
For the best performance, at least 6 teeth in contact with the pulley to a specific point in time. This minimizes the possibility of the band slides and helps play to reduce even further. In practice means that you a minimum of a 12 tooth pulley off, and I usually try to get at least 16 teeth.

1. durable and practical
2. specially designed for linear motion
3. GT2 belt together used pulley and GT2, very comfortable to use
4. round tooth profile ensures that the belt tooth fits smoothly
5. 20 teeth contact with the Ribbon minimized, that the probability of the belt slip.

GT2 Belt:
1. Length: 5 m/196.85 "
2. Width: 6 mm/0.23"
3. Material: Rubber
4. Color: Black
5. Pitch: GT2

GT2 Pulley:
1. Diameter: 16 mm/0.62 "
2. Hole Diameter: 5 mm/0.19"
3. Height: 16 mm/0.62 "
4. Teeth: 20
5. Material: Aluminum
6. Color: Silver

Package include:
8 X of 5mm 20-tooth pulley timing wheel
1 X of 5 m GT2 timing belt
16 X of Screws
1 X Hex WrenchIt is a combination of belt transmission, chain and gear drive
No slip, constant speed ratio can be obtained, is stable and can absorb vibration
High transmission efficiency, compact structure, and also suitable for multi-axle transmission, do not need lubrication, no pollution
Suitable for dishwashers, packaging machinery, motorcycles, automobile, dryer, food machinery, inkjet printer, conveyor, bonders ect.
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