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Your Complete Live Milk kefir Kit By HappyKombucha Includes: Sachet of Live 100% Natural, Milk Kefir Grains 1L Glass Kilner style jars (please note this is a 1L Jar not a tiny 0.5L Jar offered in some of the other kits on amazon, This helps as you will not need to replace it as your kefir grains grow) 1x BPA FREE Polypropelene Plastic jug 1xBPA FREE Polypropelen plastic funnel, plastic spoons (as Kefir CANNOT touch metal, no ,metal should be used with kefir, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) Wooden spatula Glass Screw Lid bottles suitable to handle the fermentation pressure and BPA FREE plastic sieve. Full instructions are provided. *Each sachet of grains contains one measured teaspoon of grains. These grains are live and will immediately make kefir given the right conditions. are grains are grown in Raw milk provided to us by Hook and Son Dairy. These are top quality grains that will begin growing quickly and if well maintained will provide you with kefir for life.✔ ORGANIC CULTURE - Made with organic milk, no additives or GM ingredients.
✔ PROBITIC BACTERIA - 1,000,000+ active 'friendly' bacteria, regularly tested for harmful pathogens.
✔ EASY TO MAKE - Step by step instructions included, email and phone support available and FREE access to our app and online resources.
✔ COST EFFECTIVE - Look after your grains and you'll never need to buy more, you make probiotics for the price of milk.
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