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8 pieces wrench set for all those who have avid of work or any reparation at home or anything to fix around. Then, this is definitely for YOU. With so many sizes all in one set, you won't have to go searching for the right fit, only to find that the right fit is back in the hardware store. The boxed ends have 12 points for added torque, and to avoid the dreaded rounding of fasteners. The boxed ends are also offset by 15 degrees to help keep the shank clear of obstructions, and to create ample access space for your fingers. Stay super organized with a sleek carrying case/ storage box to keep them all in place. You can easily locate the size you need without having to search through an endless mess of tools. The carrying handle makes this easily portable and storable as well.
8mmx139mm 10mmx160mm 11mmx165mm 12mmx169mm 13mmx178mm 14mmx189mm 15mmx199mm 17mmx226mm Gunpla Wrench Set is suitable for:
- Electricians - Technicians - Home Projects - Lawn Care Equipment Features:
- Double-ended combination spanner - Open ended and flex-ratchet ring heads - 180° pivoting flex head with 5°gearing for reducing fatigue and easy control - Precision-machined 12-Point box end and 72 teeth ratchet mechanism - Corrosion-resistant chrome finish and 4 layer of anti-rust process - Comes with a handle for storage and easy transportation PREMIUM QUALITY: Chrome Vanadium Steel, Mirror Polished & Heat Treated, HRC: 50-55HRC. Forged Steel construction for strength and durability, with a chrome finish enhancing corrosion resistance.
METRIC SIZE: Set of 8 pieces wrenches with different sizes to; 8,10,11,12,13,14,15 and 17mm, to suit your daily work on different duties.
GREAT VALUE: Double ended combination spanner-Open ended and flex-ratchet ring heads. Has a 12-Point box end and 72 teeth ratchet mechanism.
FLEXIBLE AND EASY CONTROL: 180 degree pivoting flex head with 5 degree gearing. Ideal for applications where space is limited. Set screw allows you to set head tension.
EASY TO CARRY: The Gunpla Ratcheting Combination Wrench Spanner comes with a plastic holder which is of premium quality and will last as long as the wrenches do if well taken care of.
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