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From a book-review at TNT-AUDIO magazine:
“Along the line the author, W.A. James, dissects most of the things that go into an audio system and along the way tramples on some of the sacred cows that audio geeks take as gospel...There is a great deal of information in this book and the author covers most of the important parts in audio although he eschews delving into the cable and tweak debate. There is much on everything through turntables, reel to reel tape, pre and main amplifiers and speakers (& digital too - Ed) all of which are treated to his ideas of getting the best without taking out a mortgage on your house to get it....In my opinion a worthwhile purchase and makes for some soul searching in our quest for audio nirvana.....I found it a good read and at the price a bargain and refreshing in that there is no financial pandering to advertisers going on in the background.”

This book is intended to serve as a guide to both the newbie and the seasoned audiophile as to how to target the best gear for assembling the very best and most realistic audio system, at the very least possible cost. If you seek a book which militarily dictates what the reader should do, based on failed practices and principles which lead most astray in the currently popular trend, then this is not it. We do much better than that, with strategies, practices, and principles proven and perfected by the acknowledged best minds in audio, when true high-fidelity was the ultimate goal, and now practiced in my own system and those of many others who’ve been similarly enlightened. So the book instead guides mostly by highlighting my own experiences and previously misguided wrong turns on the way to the lifelike and realistic sound now enjoyed – at long last. In other words, the book guides mainly by using my own examples in my own quest for realism, with specific guidelines and options included where necessary. (Incidentally, these are also some of the very same strategies, practices, and principles employed by relatively rare types of systems which are acknowledged to be the very best and most realistic systems in the world today).

There’s also a perceptible bias toward vinyl (or analogue) reproduction here, though virtually all relevant media of both analogue and digital formats are covered, and with ample links to wider resources where applicable. However, the types of systems advocated here WILL be uniquely and outstandingly realistic with ANY medium of any format, whether analogue or digital. If lifelike and realistic reproduction of music (the essence of high-fidelity) is what is being sought - the best reproduction possible at the current state of the art and at nearly every budget level - then this is the one book which will literally lead unerringly to that end.
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