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This lightweight backpack tether is perfect for conditions that demand hands-free attention. The durable nylon harness wrap with hook-n-loop attachment can accommodate any style of strap with widths up to 3.75 and is Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) compatible.
The same hook-n-loop material also is used to easily stow your compatible Garmin device for optimal GPS performance while still providing access at a moments notice. When the device is detached from the hook-n-loop, the spine mount and lanyard cord - adjustable in length from 2" to 14" - ensure the device will stay with you at all times.
-Colour of product: Black
-Compatible products: - Dakota 10n- Dakota 20n- eTrex 10n- eTrex 20n- eTrex 30n- GPSMAP 62n- GPSMAP 62sn- GPSMAP 62scn- GPSMAP 62stn- GPSMAP 62stcn- Oregon 200n- Oregon 300n- Oregon 400cn- Oregon 400in- Oregon 400tn- Oregon 450n- Oregon 450tn- Oregon 550n- Oregon 550tn- Oregon 600n- Oregon 600tn- Oregon 650n- Oregon 650t

Compatible with several Garmin popular handheld GPS products
Durable nylon harness wrap with hook-n-loop attachment
Accommodates any style of shoulder strap with widths up to 9.5cm
Ensures your device stays with you at all times
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