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With the Gardena Combisystem Aerator Rake, you can gently remove moss and thatch from the lawn and thereby improve air, water and nutrient absorption. With its galvanised pressed tines and a working width of 35cm, the rake is also well suited for breaking up clumps of soil and levelling. The Aerator Rake is suitable for all Gardena combisystem handles, whereby Gardena recommends a handle length of 180cm depending on body height.

Tip: Lawn raking is a year-round care measure and can be carried out after every second or third mowing.Features & Benefits- Screws onto any Combisystem handle for a sturdy, wobble free connection
- High quality steel construction with Duropalst coating for corrosion resistance
- Suitable for removing moss and thatch, as well as breaking up soil or levelling
- 25 year warrantyUniversal garden tool: The combi system aerator rake effectively frees the lawn of matted lawn grass and moss and can be used for soil preparation, where it breaks up clumps
Proven fitting system: The garden tool fits on all Gardena combi system handles and can be easily mounted and screwed in place; the proven technology ensures reliable, wobble-free work
Robust and effective: Its galvanised cutting tines allow the lawn aerator to penetrate into the matted grass, verifiably improving lawn intake of air, water and nutrients
Various combination options: The lawn aerator attachment fits on all Gardena combi system handles, whether they are made of wood or aluminium and special handles for work that is gentle on the back are available
Scope of delivery includes: One Gardena combi system aerator rake (handle not included in the scope of delivery; available separately), 25 years Gardena warranty
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