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This knife feels like it could find its own way through fillets. Its narrow and flexible blade allows you to work with speed and accuracy, making bony mouthfuls a thing of the past.EDGE OF BELGRAVIA. Edge of Belgravia is one of the world's most innovative chef knife brands. Established in London, Edge of Belgravia launched to the UK market in 2012 and quickly won acclaim.The firm has combined daringly avant-gard design, supreme quality, audacious PR and effective marketing to expand across the globe. It has become a global brand with great recognition.
ART FOR THE KITCHEN. The hallmark Edge of Belgravia handles designed by Christian Bird modernises any kitchen. The geometric shape takes inspiration from captivating architecture and commands attention from any angle. The unique handle is beautiful, bold yet extremely functional. These knives are the combination of high tech materials and supremely sharp stainless steel, making them just as effective tools as pieces of art for the kitchen.
SHARP. By combining high quality material and craftsmanship all Edge of Belgravia blades are supremely sharp. A sharp blade is important as it will cut more cleanly and precisely, making it a safer kitchen companion compared to a dull blade. This will enable you to slice, dice and chop your way though the kitchen. Carefully weighted for a light quality feel, these knives are effortless to use.
INSPIRE. This collection of knives designed by Christian Bird was created to encourage innovation in the kitchen. Cooking should be more than just an everyday task; it should inspire creativity. We believe that creativity in cooking comes from a combination of supreme quality materials, high end craftsmanship, and aesthetic beauty.
AWARD WINNING. The futuristic design of our knives by London designer Christian Bird has been featured in leading blogs and magazines. The hallmark handle design has won a slice of the prestigious D&AD product design award.
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