EnerCell - Fossil Hunting on Dinosaur island http://ener-cell.com/News/fossil-hunting-on-dinosaur-island/ https://hobbies.shopping4all.uk/fossil-hunting-on-dinosaur-island/ buy now £66.95 The Isle of Wight isn't what it used to be. At various times it used to be a tropical land covered with giant reptiles, a frozen tundra with hairy elephants and a warm, turtle and crocodile infested swamp. This tiny isle with its world famous fossils is known as Dinosaur Island. For the first time, a practical guide book tells you in sensible language all about these prehistoric creatures. More importantly, it shows you exactly how and where to find them Read More. This book is designed for anyone with a general interest in fossils: from 8-13 year olds and teachers with visiting parties, to parents of children beginning to develop an interest in the natural environment and not just Thunderbirds or Trolls. It is hoped that the book will also be of use to the many amateur geologists who visit the Island each year. Why this book is different... - Easy conversational style. - No scientific gobbledegook (apart from gobbledegook) - Written by someone who knows and loves his subject. Author lives on the Island and has personally explored every location. Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en