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Our NEW Revamped Economy Geology Starter Pack, offers a selection of essential fossil hunting tools and field equipment together with everything you need to start fossil collecting. NEW: Now presented in a neat plastic display box and ideal as a gift. The box doubles up as a storage box for your rocks and fossils. We also include our FREE Glossy Deposits Magazine together with a pack of 6 information cards which describes the various fossil groups, rocks with a geological timeline. TOOLS This pack contains a 300g geological hammer with a rock chisel. FIELD EQUIPMENT This pack contains our x10 Loupe for viewing small fossils on site with a field ruler for a photographic scale measure, a pack of 100 special bags for collecting your fossils on the field with a waterproof Edding Marker Pen. We also include a mini compass which is very handy for finding locations. SAFETY This pack contains some safety goggles which are highly recommended when using hammers. REFERENCE AND READING This pack contains our latest 'Deposits Magazine' a glossy mag full of places to go fossil hunting, rocks, minerals, beginners guides, recent finds, fossil guides, events, website listings, tips and much much more. We also have a set of 6 information cards on fossil groups, rocks and a geological timeline.* Everything you need to start fossil hunting
* High Quality Tools
* Packed in a special plastic gift box
* FREE Glossy Fossil Magazine
* Perfect for beginners
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