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Trick your washing machine and dishwasher into thinking they live in a soft water area. Harnessing the power of magnets, Magnoball is scientifically proven to reduce limescale in washing machines and dishwashers and prevent further build-up. By altering the limescale molecules in the water, it prevents it leaving deposits on glassware, settling into clothes or furring up heating elements and pipes. Even better, you'll need much less detergent to achieve brilliantly clean results at lower temperatures, so you can save money on both your weekly shop and your energy bills while saving a pretty penny on maintenance and water softening treatments too. Suitable for use with all types of washing machine, dishwasher and detergent. Approved by Allergy UK. Please note: not suitable for use at high temperatures or in the drying cycle of a washer/dryer.Approx. 5cm (2") sq.Approx. 5cm (2") sq.
Scientifically proven to prevent and remove limescale build-up
Reduces the need for anti-limescale tablets
Use less detergent, by up to 70%
Lasts up to 10 years with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee
For use in all washing machines and dishwashers, with Ecozone Ecoballs and all detergents
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