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Artificial Intelligences, Space Elevators, Time Travel, Robots, Fantasy, Horror and Romance.

Most of the stories in this book were published and/or podcast in various e-zines internationally during the year 2018. A number were broadcast on the AntipodeanSF Radio Show by Radio Station 2NVR in New South Wales.
The book starts with a series of flash fiction stories featuring Martin and Estella Riley, the two main characters from my time travel novel, ‘Chronoscape’. The stories work independently of one another as they occur on different timelines. To quote Walter Sparrow in the film, The Number 23: ‘There is no such thing as destiny, there are only different choices.’
Next comes a collection of stories featuring various speculative genres: fantasy, horror, humour and science fiction; there is also a little magic and one romance.
I include a science fiction story extracted from my time travel novel, 'Chronoscape', introducing fly drone pilot, Mary Lee. Both male and female readers have admitted to falling in love with Mary, I know I have.
This is followed by a ten-part serial novelette called ‘Steampunk Confederation’ featuring secret agents Harry Lampeter and Telford Stephenson, who are competing for possession of the plans for the new Ironclad warship.
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