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Material: Lycra
Color: Sapphire Blue & Pink & Black
Using Hand: Both Left and Right Hand

Packing List:
1* Sapphire Blue Glove
1* Pink Glove
1* Black Glove
3 PACK: There are 3 gloves of different colors in the package for replacement, which are suitable for drawing and sketching.
NECESSARY FOR DRAWING: This glove is perfect for solving the sweaty hands problem, and for doing any kind of precise drawing.
GLIDE SMOOTHLY: They can reduce the friction between your hands and your tablet or display while drawing or writing. With this glove on, hands just glides on the tablet and easily to draw smooth lines.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Made of the material of Lycra which is light and zero burdened, to make sure the maximum comfort and precision.
FREE SIZE & MULTICOLOR: Free size glove is suitable for both right and left hand. Come with sapphire blue, pink and black three colors.
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