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If you desire to learn to pray biblically, this book is for you! David was more than just a king. When it comes to prayer, we can learn a lot from him. David was prayer warrior who effortlessly sought after God's own heart. There might be an enemy on your heels, but there is a way of escape; and that's through the very prayers that David prayed.

What you will learn from this warriors hand book and find in this book are:

•How and when to pray for safety from your enemies,

•How to pray for yourself in the time trouble, and

•How to cast out the spirit of iniquity, depression, sadness, uncertainty and hopelessness.

•How to fight for your deliverance and walk into your season of restoration from everything the enemy has stolen from you.

After reading this book, you will have experienced real prayers that can restore your health, give you peace and heighten your confidence. After this journey to prayer, you will grow spiritually and begin to encounter supernatural miracles in your life!

Here’s a brief overview of what you will learn after reading this book:

•How the enemy will attack you and how to refrain from being vulnerable.

•How to Identify the spirit of Jezebels and fight this evil spirit.

•How to address danger in your life.

•A variety of the types of prayers that David prayed.

•Strategies to defeat the enemy in your life permanently.

•How to pray 31 Powerful Davidic Prayers & Declarations that will lead you to a state of repentance, drive away attacks from the enemy and break curses over your life.

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